Designing custom Shutters
What to Consider When Designing Custom Shutters

Within the last few years, the demand for custom shutters has soared. Shutters are a trend that refuses to be side-lined because they’re versatile, can fit most households, and offer charm at an affordable price. The fact they can be used throughout the year makes them the most practical feature a home could have. So, what should you consider when designing new custom shutters?

The Age of the Home

Let’s be honest, if your home is recently built and has a modern look to it, you need to choose window shutters that are in line with the style. It’s the same if you have a period property, you want to keep the style in line with that period. It adds charm and character to the home and it’s one factor you must consider when designing custom shutters. You not only want something that is stylish but is in sync with the rest of the building. Learn more about why people love plantation shutters with fewer replacements

The Type of Shutter

There are many types of window shutters to consider, including plantation and café-style. While these might appeal to you, it’s important to consider what works best for the home. Essentially, you should design custom shutters that you like and compliments the home. They need to look good but be practical for the short and long-term scale of things.

Custom Shutters

The Purpose of the Custom Shutters

Whenever you want to design custom shutters, you must consider the purpose of them. For example, you work night shifts, so the main goal is to keep light out of the bedroom during the daytime. Half or café-style shutters would not work for you since you want to have greater control over light.

Instead, something like custom plantation shutters would be more suitable. It’s the same if you wanted to use the shutters for temperature regulation or control. You need to make sure the design helped you achieve that.

The Size of the Slats

Slat size makes a huge difference when it comes to the final design of the custom shutters. For example, light control is your main priority. So, when you design new custom window shutters, you’d opt for a smaller slat size. It gives you greater control over how much light streams into a room. It’s an important factor to consider when you design shutters. Learn more about the reasons why window shutters can complement it beautifully by clicking here

Manual or Motorized

Another important factor to consider is whether you want manual or motorized custom shutters. This decision comes down to you and what is more practical (and best) for your home and budget. For instance, if you have taller windows that you can’t reach easily, motorized ones would be best. On the other hand, if you had a smaller budget and windows on a lower level, a manual one would be better.

Of course, it depends on what you’re looking for in a window shutter.

Window Shutters

Design The Best Window Shutters for Your Home

Everyone wants a home that stands out for all the right reasons and window shutters can complement it beautifully. Shutters are a classic feature can to offer practical solutions for the home. Best of all, you can customize the shutters to fit your home and your needs. So, it’s important to consider the size of the slats, the type of shutters, and what works best for the home when designing custom shutters.


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